Air City was a collaborative project created for Underbelly Arts Festival in Chippendale in July 2010. The group consisted of Charles Dennington, Xiaofu Wang, Jessy Stewart, Sally Pittman, Alex Chidzey and Tully Arnot. The Festival ran in two parts, a 2 week Public Lab residency where all of the work was created with open studios and talks programs, and then the festival which was a 2 day event with more talks and tours.

Air City was collectively built from 200 metres of white rip-stop nylon which was sewn into an inflated cloud, based on an old Ant Farm design from the 70's. This form established a space for the audience to enter, creating a dreamlike world where the artists exhibited individual sculptures made from polyethylene, cellophane, double sided tape and balloons.

Film of the installation can be found here.

All photos by Charles Dennington. © etc..
Open Studio
Open Studio
Test inflation - Squid
Sewing the cloud together.
Xiaofu Wang. Polyethylene, paint.
Shoe shelf.
Alex Chidzey. Polyethylene.
Jessy Stewart. Polyethylene.
Charles Dennington. Cellophane.
Self Portrait/Hairy Face.
Tully Arnot. Balloons, polyethylene