Obliteration was an exhibition curated as part of the Firstdraft Emerging Curators Program in December 2008. The show brought together 16 artists working in a wide variety of mediums.

“I think sculpture is a more primitive form of art than painting
something essentially infantile about the sculptural relation to matter.
It has to do with the infant differentiating itself from the world.. of
course, that’s a disaster, because the infant wants to think of itself as
continuous with the universe – the infantile omnipotence. It’s a disaster
when one realises one is discontinuous. There is the self, and all that is
not the self. And sculpture has something to do with that fundamental

- Carl Andre 1972

Obliteration explores the physical and emotional continuum created through
loss of self. The works exhibited are situated between self and non-self,
dissolving boundaries between artist, audience and curator.

Some works utilise interactivity as a tool to activate and complete the
works, while others express an awareness of interactivity through
deliberate non-performance. These interactions reflect the psychologically
regressive potential of self-obliteration, they are expressed in a way
that explores base human relationships rather than intellectual analysis.
Inherent in the physically human element of the show, is a strong sense of
spatiality underlying the curation of each work.

The exhibition includes a number of artists who have no formal training,
or that have previously never exhibited. The show looks at the artist’s
personal expression of the self and the non-self as it exists both
interior and exterior to the art field.

SUK - Neg Head
Acetate, ink.
Self Portrait-Break. Charles Arnot
Untitled. Tully Arnot.
Polyethylene, fan.
The Organism. Orit Meylakh.
Pen, bodysuit, photos.
Submerged. Tara Cook.
Virtual reality.
My Interference. Angela Garrick.
Paper mache, latex casts.
Collective Heights. Sally Pittman.
Pen, string, audience.
Benzodiazepines. Chris Petro.
Ready made sculpture.
The Adam Cullen Tribute Work.
Chloe Hughes.
Diptych. Lauren Booker.
120mm photographs.
Sub-relative. Beatrix Curran.
Sound, chair, mirror.
Our Majesty/Bruise Constellation.
Jack Mannix and Angela Garrick.
Circles. Optical Eyes w Shaun South
Video, audio, strobe, cardboard.