Bozzettos was part of an exhibition held at Fraser Studios on the 7th of November 2010 showing outcomes from their studio residency program.

A series of sketch models responding to the experience of working in Fraser Studios. They explore an awareness of both material and form. These works are part of a larger series looking at the role of the sculputral model (or in Italian - Bozzetto) in the creative process, and to what extent they can, in their unfinished state, act as complete expressions of an idea.

Photos By Charles Dennington.
Acrostic Door-Stop
Stolen door-stop, verticality.
Home Made Balaclava
Cashmere wool.
Yves Klein Who?
Blue connector pen, paper.
Yves Klein Who? (Detail)
Blue connector pen, paper.
Untitled / Nets
Passionfruits, nets.
Sum/Some Of Its Parts
Credit card, glue.
Knot Knot / Double Negative.
Balloon, string.
Self Portrait Stoned
Wire, string, beads, acrylic.
Brush Water Portrait
Evaporated brush-water, bowl.
Mound (Stimpy)
Plaster, acrylic.
Eternal Gradient
Poscas, plastic tube.
Balloon, spray paint can.
Cleaning Dirty Paper (Yellow)
Paper, watercolour, acrylic, posca.
STILL Life (Mineral Water)
PVA glue, ink.